J2 panel, part two. Why so awesome?

эти фотки просто цгпрмыларфцаухзупо… 


J2 panel! Man, I simply loved those two. 

восхитительные фото, как будто кто-то подглядел)

You think you know death? Well, you don’t. Not until you’ve seen it. Really see it. It gets under your skin and lives inside you.
You also think you know life. You stand on the edge of things and you watch it go by. Well, you’re not living it. Not really. You’re just a tourist. A ghost. Then you see it. Really see it.
And it gets under your skin and lives inside you. And there’s no escape. There’s nothing to be done. And you know what? It’s good. It’s a good thing.

(Источник: clarenceheartelvis)


Jensen staring at Jared during an interview [x]

Схавал Паду глазами х)